Our meals are made with pride and diligence using our family recipe that dates back five generations and has its roots in the hills of the garden parish of St. Ann Jamaica. Our mission is to preserve this tradition.

Our meals come in two sizes. Regular and Massive.

For pickup orders,please call one hour ahead (416) 784-0008.
Business Hours Sunday to Thursday 11am - 3am Fridays & Saturdays 11am-5am.

King Fish


Rice & peas/white rice, fish gravy, coleslaw

Jerk Chicken

Reg $11.99 / Mas $15.99

Rice & peas/white rice, oxtail gravy on rice, RAP’S chicken sauce on chicken, coleslaw

Fry Chicken

Reg $11.99 / Mass $15.99

Dumplings/festival/rice & peas, coleslaw, gravy.



Rice & peas/white rice, coleslaw, gravy, lettuce, tomato.

Tripe & Beans


Rice & peas/white rice, coleslaw, gravy, lettuce, tomato



Rice & Peas/white rice, gravy, coleslaw

Snapper Fish


Veg, Green banana, rice & peas, fish gravy


Dinner Side Orders

Ackee & Soya Ounce

Liver Ounce

Saltfish & Broad Bean Ounce

Cabbage & Saltfish Ounce

Ackee & Saltfish

Callaloo Ounce